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BOPET Thermal Lamination Film BOPET Thermal Lamination Film BOPET Thermal Lamination Film BOPET Thermal Lamination Film
Product name : BOPET Thermal Lamination Film
Item : 3919109900
Details :
 BOPET Thermal Lamination Film 


Application:            Laminating film can be applied to various types of materials such as ID cards,cultural and historical


                                          documents,credit cards,licenses,business certificates.




Main property:     low heat shrinkage,good ink and metal adhesion


                                          good dimensional stability,excellent processing ability



PET EVA Film Applications:
1) Books and magazines, pictures, promotional materials; non-drying 
adhesive, paper bag, clothes lag, liquor, food, cosmetic, medicine 
wrapping box
2) Blueprint document, outdoor advertisement, spray paintings, post, 
digital print
3) Wedding photograph, photo album
4) The width is from 330mm to 1800mm


5) widely laminating on: 
1>paper bag, 
2>paper box. 
3>all paper product




Thermal PET film(EVA film):


Pre-coated Film  (38 micron):


Composition: PET-12micron, EVA-26micron Roll Film
Using purpose: book-cover, presswork, advertisement
Features: Compared to OPP, using PET to produce the pre-coated film has the following advantages:
(1), High- transparency and brightness
(2), Strong performance in resisting ultraviolet radiation and aging; Being able to bear fresh and preventing scrape.
(3), Relative low cost





Thickness Width Roll ID
12-50 µm 350-2200 mm 76.2mm(3”), 152.4mm(6”)






Typical Value
Property Unit Typical Value Test Method
Thickness µm 12 36 50 DIN 53370
Tensile Strength MD MPa 220 220 210 DIN 53455-6-5
TD 250 250 250
Elongation at Break MD % 140 160 170 DIN 53455-6-5
TD 100 100 100
Heat Shrinkage MD % 1.8 1.8 1.8 ASTM D1204
TD 0.2 0.2 0.2 150°C,30min
Friction Coefficient µs/µk 0.45/0.45 0.45/0.40 0.40/0.35 DIN 53375
Gloss(45o) % 135 135 135 ASTM D 2457
Haze % 2.5 2.5 3 ASTM D 1003
Surface Tension Dyne/cm 38 38 38 ASTM D 2578






Applications:Laminate the surface of Books, catalogs, samples, posters, printed paper, Food, medicines, cosmetics, gifts, wine boxes and other packaging film ,Drawings, documents, ads, pictures, display boards, etc.



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