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About Us

Eastern Communication Group

was combined by Anhui East New Materials Co., Ltd. & Anhui Eastern Communication Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd

Is an integrated companies approved by China National Ministry of Foreign Trade and General Administration of Customs. The company, 
as a full-invested subsidiary company of Asia Pacific International Co., Limited, 

has its own independent import and export rights. Registered in Hefei City, Anhui Province, P.R. China .


Anhui Eastern Communication Group combines production, research, development, sales and service, company focus on exporting oriented business. Company started from flexible plastic packaging film and after years of operation, grew as the one which mainly focuses on the flexible packaging films, films and film products of deep processing (such as : printing color ,cutting into smaller rolls and sheets, metallized aluminum, coating film with difference glues, etc.), electronics-materials film-base, thermal transfer thin film products and some film-relatives automation equipment and accessories; in packaging paper, office printing supplies(wax/resin ribbons, adhesive labels,printers),

Gamma-Butyrolactone  GBL Cleaner  γ-Butyrolactone (GBL) wheel cleaner  rim cleaner industry,chemical & rubber relative products industry(tyre,shoe), 

 office photo/copy inkjet paper products and so forth.

The size of the Group's total investment (the sum of all branches) nearly 208 billion yuan( RMB,CNY), built 4 modern production plants, with a total area of 300 acres. Enter into industrial lines in the film (BOPP,BOPET,CPP,BOPA,BOPS,POF,PE,PVC and so on), glues, tapes, chemical coating,machinery &equipment, paper and other industries. The total number of employees reached 1,200, nearly 68 high-tech technician talents, and tackled cooperative relations with the University of Science and Technology of China, Anhui University, Hefei Industrial University and other institutions of higher learning, to maintain a long-term scientific research, continue to research on new products. The Group has always adhered to the standardization of production and management, through the ISO9001 and ISO14001 system certifications.

Today, company has iron strength in finance and economics and acts as critical role in exporting business. Additionally, company also has a unique advantage in further processing industrial products.
Anhui Eastern Communication Group mainly focus on flexible plastic packaging film industry, coating films, adhesive glue, tape jumbo rolls, plastic sheet/card industry, chemical & rubber relative products industry, Gamma-Butyrolactone  GBL Cleaner  γ-Butyrolactone (GBL) wheel cleaner  rim cleaner industry, office & packing paper products and printing supplies series industry, machinery equipments and parts industry,etc.
Our main products diversified followings:
1. Flexible plastic packaging film industry
1.) BOPP film including BOPP plain film, BOPP flower wrapping film,BOPP foil,BOPP tape-grade film,BOPP clothes/bag-grade film,BOPP mini/smaller roll,BOPP anti-static film);BOPP tobacco film; BOPP heat sealable film;BOPP matte film; BOPP pearlized film;BOPP thermal film; BOPP capacitor film;BOPP Sheets; BOPP anti-fog film; BOPP micro/ macro perforated film; Metallized BOPP film (VMBOPP); BOPP tear tape;BOPP laser film and so on.
2.) BOPET film including BOPP packing film , BOPET lamination film , BOPET insulation film, BOPET sheets, BOPET capacitor film, BOPET thermal transfer basic film,metallized BOPET film and so on.
3.) CPP film including CPP printing film, CPP laminating film, CPP bag film,retort cpp film , metallized cpp film and so on.
4.) BOPA film including BOPA printing and laminating film
5.) BOPS film including BOPS window envelop film and BOPS shrinkage film.
6.) POF shrinkage cling film; PVC cling film; PE cling film for food wrapping,PE stretch film for pallets packaging with machine/hand use, PE bags and so on.
2. Plastic products and plastic sheet/card industry
1.) BOPP adhesive tape clear and color (jumbo rolls and slit smaller rolls); Masking tapes,double side tape 2.) Color logo printing film 4.) Aluminum film 5.) All kinds of bags 6.) PP sheets and plastic cards and so on.
3. Coating film
1.) PVDC coating film of BOPP/BOPET/BOPA 2.) EVA coating film of BOPP/BOPET/BOPA  3.) Acrylic coating film
4. Printing inkjet supplies Series: 
Wax,resin Ribbon (jumbo rolls and small finished rolls), color Ribbon (jumbo rolls and small finished rolls), date tape  (jumbo rolls and small finished rolls) , self adhesive labels (including roll and pages), the Mexican round, printers, etc. 
5. Wrap wire, tear clips and tear tape: plastic tear clips, tear tape,tie lines and metal cable and so on.
 Paper products series and packaging paper,printing supplies series 
1.) Office paper (a. Copy paper in reams and rolls     b. LWC paper (lower/light weight coated paper) and Coated paper c. Offset paper d. News printing paper e. coated paper.  2.)  Printing supplies ( a. Photo paper series and printing supplies series b. Outdoor advertising supplies series
7. Gamma-Butyrolactone  GBL Cleaner  γ-Butyrolactone (GBL) wheel cleaner  rim cleaner & Car wheels rims and tyre
Anhui Eastern Communication Group adopts "national industries as cornerstone , global market-oriented as platform, and scientific development as road". As always, inherit and carry forward the unity and dedication of the merchants' business philosophy, practise the spirit of Mount Huangshan pines, focus on global trade, warmly welcome all hearted guest. As products acrossed over the world, service known around the world, and benefit spreaded to all corners of the world.
Grasp keenly of the contradictions in demand side and supply side of international markets, especially the contradictions of China's domestic market demand and its export-oriented supply; deeply knowledging and understanding market discipline of capital flow,such as : international industrial capital, commercial capital and financial capital, especially , the characteristics of industrial capital flow between China with various countries,regions,and the world. Trying our best to focus on the overall situation, base on actual and objective things, effect co-ordination, strengthen expectations, real-time analysis, timely decisions,live in harmony and synergy development.
After many years of business practice and continuous development, Anhui Eastern Communication Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd have a huge number of customers, steelbof strength of infinance , outstanding performance, superior reputation, efficient teams, obvious benefits.
Company not only made outstanding contributions in market equilibrium of global markets and regional markets,the healthy development of international busines, but also made the excellent results of stable operation in international trade business and China trade business.
Looking backward, senseful struggle experience; Looking ahead, endless career development!

Anhui Eastern Communication Group profoundly impacts the international trade and economic development, and actively promotes China's trade and economic development.And now she is very confident to smile at the new tomorrow.


Note: Anhui Eastern Communication Group The "Eastern Communication" comes from "The Eastern Civilization Spread Out to the West and the Western Civilization Taking over the East" Now China is the world's largest manufacturing country, need continue to carry out its global manufacturing powers and deepen its influence in the international market.
In this chapter, "Eastern Communication" has two meanings, on the one hand , it indicates the prosperity and wealth of exporting enterprises in China. 
One the other hand, in this process, China domestic enterprises enter into the world, better participate in international market, so that make positive contributions to healthy development of the global economy Stand in a higher profile among the nations of the world.


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